I Dare You

What better way for fans to get to know you than to play a few rounds of everyone’s favorite party game, Truth or Dare? From dishing on first crushes to freestyle rapping with marshmallows in your mouth.


Celebs tell us their "first" everything.

Fan Survey

Celebs guesses how fans responded to a question survey about them.

Meme Review

Celebs review memes about themselves.

Resumé Tour

Professionals take us through every step of their resumé and explain what skills and experiences it took to hold the titles they currently have.


We explain the history and culture behind social topics.

From The Magazine

Each month, Teen Vogue goes behind the scenes with some of the amazing people featured in the magazine and gives you an inside look at the making of the issue.


Dorm It Yourself

Teen Vogue teamed up with designer Chloe Daley to bring you "Dorm It Yourself," a series devoted to super-cool and easy do-it-yourself projects for your dorm room.

Sweet Tooth

Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

Teen Vogue sits down with iconic industry influencers and asks them the advice they would give to their 18-year-old selves.

Guys Read


Watch as Teen Vogue teams up with our favorite New York designers to teach you how to create the coolest closet must-haves. Learn how to make head-turning pieces that your wardrobe can't live without.

Quick & Pretty

Teen Vogue is always on the lookout for the newest, best beauty trends. In this series, learn how to DIY all the coolest hair, makeup, and nail moments IRL in no time.

Salaam Dunk

The daily life of young women living in Iraq is full of strife, but Salaam Dunk tells a very different story. This stirring, four-part documentary series follows the first-ever female basketball team at the American University in Iraq.

Teen Vogue's The Cover

Every month Teen Vogue seeks the hottest new stars to be on our cover. In this series, see what goes into the making of each one, from the casting to the photo shoot to the final editing.

Strictly Ballet

Teen Vogue is back with season two of our smash hit, Strictly Ballet. This time, we’re headed to Miami City Ballet School to capture the beauty of ballet and the stories of six students from around the world who are in Miami, following their dreams of dancing in a professional company.

On Set with Claudia Sulewski: Interviews with Your Favorite Celebs

Get the inside scoop on all things fashion, fun and trending with Teen Vogue's YouTube host Claudia Sulewski.

Young Hollywood

Meet the new wave of A-list. We've got your all-access pass to Tinseltown's latest It crew, letting you get up close and personal with the stars you're about to see everywhere.

Beauty Crisis

When your everyday makeup dilemma becomes a full-blown emergency, it’s time to call in for backup. Enter: Teen Vogue’s resident beauty experts, Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi. They’re solving the problems of our favorite YouTubers, one face mask at a time.


Ever wonder what it’s like to play a stadium crowd? Or What Austin Mahone’s tour bus looks like? Go back stage with some of today's hottest musicians with exclusive access from Teen Vogue and see for yourself!

All Access

Want to get up close and personal with stars like Dylan O’Brien and The Janoskians? In Teen Vogue’s All Access, we’ll take you behind the scenes of photo shoots and interviews with your favorite celebs!

Beauty Breakdown

Teen Vogue host Claudia Sulewski teams up with TRESemmé stylist Tyler Laswell to bring you some of the hottest hairstyle trends and fashion looks for spring and summer.

Bryanboy Goes to College

Fashion blogger Bryanboy gets the inside scoop on what today’s most stylish college students are wearing. Join the adventure as he meets up with the tastemakers at campuses across Manhattan to see how they’re rocking the next big trends.

My Prom Makeover

Teen Vogue’s Elaine Welteroth and Andrew Bevan host a special makeover show that is all things prom style! They pick four lucky girls and give them a whole new look for their big day. Talk about a prom to remember!

Get the Look

Queen Bey may wake up that way, but for most stars the secret to their iconic looks is in the brilliant makeup artists who work with them. Teen Vogue’s health and beauty director, Elaine Welteroth, tracked down these trailblazing professionals to learn all their tricks!

Global Threads

Narrated by Kelly Osbourne, we take a look at the young, inspiring designers behind Mima-te, a fashion company in Maputo, Mozambique focused on sustainability and the upcycling of clothes. Join us as we follow them from the tailoring of their final dress to the runway of their first fashion show.

Letter From the Editors

Each month the editors at Teen Vogue give us a sneak peek of the magazine's must-see stories, from print to web to video and everything in between.

3 Steps to...

The hottest beauty trends made easy. Host Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's beauty and health director, teams up with top industry pros to break down the newest hair, makeup, nail, and skincare tricks to try right now.

Breakfast with Bevan

Teen Vogue style features director Andrew Bevan brings you along on his breakfast dates with celebrity friends, giving you a real-life peek at stars and their social lives. In each episode, they'll grab a bite and gab about everything from last night's party to never-before-heard personal stories.


Ever wondered who your favorite stars' BFFs are in real life? Now you get to meet them! Follow a celebrity and her best friend as they hang out just like "normal" teens—think froyo dates, mani/pedis, and jamming out in the car. It's a fun, intimate look at friendship.

My Room Makeover

Teen Vogue's interior design gurus give a viewer's bedroom the total chic treatment. Over the course of four episodes, you'll meet the lucky girl, watch the makeover in-progress, see the satisfying reveal, and get tons of DIY tips to transform your own space.

Outfit of the Day

Looking for some style inspiration? Teen Vogue's Outfit of the Day gives you a zoomed-in look at the chicest girls around. Get the inside scoop on what they're wearing, how they styled it, and the story behind some of their favorite fashionable pieces

Fashion At Work

Get a look inside the office life of girls who've snagged the ultimate dream jobs. From magazine founders to fashion-brand assistants, they're taking you behind the scenes and down the hallways for a special look at what they do and how they got there.

Teen Vogue Cover Stars

Go behind the scenes of the most memorable Teen Vogue photo shoots, starring Maria Sharapova, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, and Rihanna!

Teen Vogue Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what it takes to bring the pages of Teen Vogue to life? Get an exclusive look at the making of our signature photo shoots straight from the set! Plus, get up close and personal with the hottest celebs who grace our pages, from on-the-rise movie stars to the next big musicians.

Prom Beauty

Get pretty for prom! All you need are our guru-approved beauty tutorials, straight from the experts who make models look their best on the catwalk. From a bombshell blowout to a perfect red pout, these how-tos help you add the finishing touches to your big-night look.

Boys of Teen Vogue

Meet the coolest—and cutest!—guys around. Whether they're up-and-coming actors or hot new singer-songwriters, our favorite crush-worthy dudes are all right here.

Teen Vogue Beauty How-Tos

Calling all beauty buffs! Get expert hair and makeup tips from the best stylists in the industry, curated by Teen Vogue editors. Whether you want a quick fix before class or a big-night beauty look, we've got all the secrets straight from the source.