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Riverdale's Chad Michael Murray Reviews Riverdale Memes

"Riverdale" star Chad Michael Murray learns a lot while he reviews memes based on the hit TV show. Fans use memes to uncover important revelations and let CMM know just how attractive they think he is as a cult leader. The season finale of Riverdale will air Wednesday, May 15th at 8|7c on The CW.

Released on 05/09/2019


Hey, Teen Vogue, I am that guy, Chad Murray

and I am here to review some memes.

[upbeat music]

I'm not exactly sure how we review memes,

but Rotten Tomatoes exists, I can do this.

Me when they made Cheryl called

Edgar Evernever a snack in the promo.


I've seen this one, I love this one.

The Farm is creepy AF, why TF would anyone join?

Riverdale, we casting Chad Michael Murray

to play the cult leader.

Me, [laughing], that's funny, I've seen some of that.

So, now I know why we're joining the farm

and honestly, I'm humbled, and thank you so very much.

When you send a photo to your crush

versus to your best friend.


That's not true.

I think K.J. sends those photos to everybody.

Me, sees Edgar Evernever.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Yeah, you lost me on this one.

Oh! The more you know.

All right, so I got two young kids

so I don't condone cursing in front of them,

but who the [beeping] would join this Farm cult?

I don't understand.

Chad, I'm the leader.

Me, putting on a hat and harvesting some corn.

I like it, I like it.

The more the merrier, please join us.


That's incredible.

I love it.

This is what we expected Edgar Evernever to look like

and then this is what he looks like.

Hey, man, I woulda grown the beard if I had ample time.

Makes a great Jesus, does he not?

I mean, that's absolutely incredible.

Forgive me, stupid question, what does OMW mean?

Oh my way.

I knew that.

Me on my way to join The Farm

after I saw CMM Edgar wink like that.

You pack them bags, come on.

But make sure you bring white 'cause we do

wear white after Labor Day.

All year round.

If Archie and Jug switched bodies.

Yeah, pretty much, is he trying to do Jug's face there?

That' pretty funny.

See, he's such an introvert.

He's just gotta focus and have deep thoughts.

When you just made someone repeat themselves

three times but I still don't know what they said.


That's true.

I think I've had that facial expression

plenty of times in my life before.

I'm like, huh?

Maybe Jughead isn't really homeless

because Betty is his home and that's all he needs.

Aw, aw.

That's so sweet.

All we need is love.

Six billion people in the world,

sometimes all you need is one.

I think that we're closer to eight now.

What's a queen with her king?

Well, historically, better.

What's Juliet without a Romeo?

Um, alive.



When I realize that Polly and Jason

are in the same class, but Cheryl is Jason's twin sister

and Cheryl is in the same class as Betty,

but Polly is older than Betty.


Don't think, don't analyze, just enjoy.

Prison storyline, gargoyle king storyline.

Over my head.

And on to the last one.

A moment of silence for yet

another victim of the friend zone.

They look so much like a couple here,

a couple of besties.



Been there, been there.

Pretty much all high school, yeah,

where they keep that distance, like,

this is actually pretty close, for besties.

I would have taken that.

Between you and me, Teen Voguies,

I have to say that some of those memes

went straight over my head.

I tried.

Regardless, that was quite fascinating

and I learned a lot in a very short, brief period of time.

So, enjoy my reviews.

I give it my stamp of approval.

Starring: Chad Michael Murray