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CNCO Compete in a Compliment Battle

Boyband CNCO read beautiful, positive tweets to each other. Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel de Jesús, Joel Pimentel, and Erick Brian Colón try their best to read complimentary tweets without bursting out laughing. Will they succeed? Spoilers: No, no they won't!

Released on 08/22/2018


Hello everybody we are

[Group] CNCO!

And we're about to do a compliment battle.

You already know Yeah!

Check it out Hey, I like your shoes



Dale vato, dale


(group laughs)

He laughed

No, no, no!

They laughed!


(Zabdiel de Jesus laughs)

Bro, los dos se estan riendo.

Alright, alright Okay, I'm sorry

Three, two, one

Give me a second. (Christopher Velez laughs)

Ha, he laughed!

He laughed!

(bell rings)

He said just one way


Quisiera ser un mosquito,

para entrar en tu mosquiteros

y decirte bien bajito lo mucho que te quiero.

I wish I was a mosquito,

so I could enter your mosquito netting

and whisper (Christoper laughs)

to you how much I love you.

Si fueras un doctor,

me tiraria de las escaleras todos los dias.

If you were a doctor,

I'd throw myself down the stairs everyday.

(group laughs)

(bell rings)

Damn bro

(Christopher laughs)

Damn, Papi.

(Christopher laughs)

[Christopher] Is that it?

Now in spanish.

Ya lo dije en español


Sabes porque el mar es salado?

Porque tu te lo robaste

la dulzura, amor mio.

Do you know what the sea is sally?



(Zabdiel laughs) because--

(bell rings)

(group laughs) Callense, cabrones,

es que ustedes tienen que ir callado,

porque si ustedes se rien, yo me rio.

Me vuelvo loca cuando me besas.

You drive me crazy when you kissed me.

Wait, what the heck? (laughter)

Si tu belleza fuera un delito,

nunca saldria de la prision.

If your beauty was a crime,

I'd never leave prison.


(Christopher laughs)

Tu sonrisaaaaa,

te amooooo

(Christopher laughs)

Scream it, scream it, Papi

Your smiiiiile,

(group laughs)

(bell rings)

ready? Okay, start now


eres la version mas joven

y mas bella de Prince Royce.

Wow! (group laughs)


te amo con toda mi alma, loco.

Very deep connection with God.


ven y buscame para poder observar tu belleza

mas de cerca.

What? That's not what it...

(Joel Pimentel laughs) Look at him!

Sobrenatu-- (laughs)

Tu te estas riendo ya.

Como uno no sabe leer apenas.

I'm not laughing bro!

Yeah, you're, like,

(bell rings) laughing with us.

I love

your smile,

I love all of you.

I'm learning english for you (fake laugh).

(group laughs)

It was funny, but I didn't laugh.

Please come to Colombia.

Zabdiel activo en las redes?

Wow esto pasa cada 88 años.

So cute, my potato.

I love you those


I love you, baby.

Stay cool, you know?

It's like this is an intense game right now.

I feel the coolness.

No hay duda que es el mas perfecto del mundo.

(Christopher laughs)

Que te puedo decir?

Can I chase him?

Because my dad told me to follow my dreams.

(Christopher laughs)

No te pongas al sol

poque te vas a derretir, bombon.

He did something there.


(Joel laughs)

I just wanna tell you that,

seeing you with-- (Zabdiel laughs)

seeing you with that haircut,

like, weirds me out sometimes, yo.

(Christopher laughs) (bell rings)

Pero miralo, mira,

tienen que verse los ojos.

(Zabdiel laughs) (bell rings)

(Christopher laughs)

I need to win at least one, bro.

Tu lo que tiras es fuego, bombon de chocolate.

Sabias que eres el chico

mas guapo del universo?

I love you.

(Christopher laughs)

I love you

Starring: Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel de Jesús, Joel Pimentel, Erick Brian Colón

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