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Riverdale's Charles Melton and Hart Denton Compete in a Compliment Battle

The cast of "Riverdale" read beautiful, positive tweets to each other. Charles Melton and Hart Denton try their best to read complimentary tweets without bursting out laughing.

Released on 05/15/2018


Dave Franco does the exact same thing.

(whole crew laughing)

Oh, stop it.

Hey, I'm Charles Melton.

Hi, I'm Hart Denton.

We are here to do the compliment battle.

Good Morning, to Charles Melton only.

Is that it?

That was it. (laugh)

You have the most gorgeous, deep set eyes.


Charles Melton... is the man of my dreams.

Hart Denton is such a good actor,

he's been incredible in Riverdale.

Thank you.

Holy (beep), baby boy, what's yo name.

Let me talk to you, let me take you to the registry office.


My feed has been B-L-E-S-S-E-D!

Charles Melton is fine as (beep).

You're welcome for this tip.


In case anyone didn't know,

Hart Denton is the current loml?

(crew member) Love of my life.

Love of my life, I didn't know that one.

Charles Melton, more like Charles Meltin' my heart.

I'm gonna pull a 5th grade fan girl who doesn't understand

that actors aren't actually their characters, CHIC!

Thank you. (laughs)

I feel like that waws way to much.


Hey, I fancy you.

When Riverdale is filled with badass hotties,

yes, I'm talking to you Hart Denton.


I'm not even a serpent.

Daddy-- BEEP!

Daddy, material, right here... daddy.

Damn, way to read it.

Melton, comma...

I'm meltin'.


Call the cops, for I have been slain.

What? (laughs)

You slay me. (laughs)

A snack and meme king, we stan.

Lookin' like a full course meal, mmm!

Jaw so sharp, I'll get cut if I touch it.

This is true. Touch it.

It'll cut you.

Touch it, it will.

Tss, aah!

I'ma take off my jacket for this.

Mmm-mm-mmm, I'm shook.

You look as good as sugar cookie dough.

Charles, sir.


You are not from this planet...


You ave to register at NASA first.

Hart Denton is a fun flavor.

Did an ex tweet that?


Oh Charles, dang, let me buy you 100 bags of Cheeto Puffs.

It's in all caps, so that means I gotta yell it?

Yeah, you gotta yell it.

My wig flew all the way to Asia,

You're F(beep)ing beiayoful, F-S-J-S-B-S-J.

~- Charles, as the great poet,

Aubrey Drake Graham, once said,

I only love my bed, and my mommma, and you.


Stop, I could've dropped my croissant.

Is this for real, okay.

What is it like being the son of

Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Franco?

He did it, he did it.

You, you gave him this.

There's more, there's more on this.

Can we do this, I feel like I'm gonna give you more content.

Dave Franco, is that you?

I thought you were Dave Franco.

He reminds me of Dave Franco.

So, has anyone notified you that you're

a long lost brother of Dave Franco, or should I?

That comment that he had about the deep set eyes,

I have deep set eyes too.

We're the same person.

We are.

We were complimenting our selves.

Starring: Charles Melton, Hart Denton

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