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The Cast of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Compete in a Compliment Battle

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists stars Sasha Pieterse, Janel Parrish, and Sofia Carson read compliments to each other from various fans on social media. This particular compliment battle is an epic face-off full of encouragement, inspiration and purely positive remarks. Watch Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists as it debuts for streaming today with new episodes dropping every Wednesday on Freeform.

Released on 03/20/2019


Hey guys! I'm Janelle.

I'm Sofia.

I'm Sasha.

And we're going to play

Teen Vogue's

Teen Vogue's

[All Three] Compliment battle!


It's on.

[upbeat music]

I was at a clinic and saw this magazine.

I freaked out and unconsciously screamed

Oh my gawd it's Sofia Carson!


Everyone stared at me for a few good seconds

but it was worth it.

[gasping and giggling]

I love your 'what if I fall' tattoo.

I never heard that before I saw your tattoo,

and it helps me fight my anxiety daily.

That's honestly why I got it.

Thank you,

then heart face.

Because I get anxious as well,

and it's a nice little reminder

just keep on going.

Are angels in Earth now?

My husband will be very, very happy about that.

That's so insane.

Wow, wow, wow, and wow.


Did I say wow?




So, I have a question for you.

How are you so pretty?


Heart emoji and cry face emoji.

Don't cry!

I told my brother to name his daughter after you

with two heart face emojis.

That's really cool!


Sasha, you are extraordinary,


Amazing, extra, phenomenal,


Singular, uncommon, sensational,


Shining, pure talent!

[slapping wood]

Thank you for portraying one of the best

PLL characters and the best A.

Love you!


Thank you.

I think, honestly,

I think Mona was such a good A.

Janelle, you have taught me to fight for what I love.


Fight for what you love,

and don't let no one get in between.

Don't let no one get in between, that's right.

I love that.

With like a clap.

[clapping] Yes.

Dang girl, you slayin'.


That was the worst thing ever.

That was amazing!

Love you my cute little apple pie.

Bri, that's very sweet,

I love apple pie.

Sasha Pieterse is so awesome princess emoji.

Sasha Pieterse I love you Sasha Pieterse,

thank you Sasha Pieterse,

thank you.

Wow in all caps.


Wow face, red heart, black heart, red heart,

queen, Sasha Pieterse.



I believe you.

[laughing] You're a queen.

I appreciate it.

I want your merchandise


Please, please.

Please, please.

Please, please.

Yeah. [laughing]

Please, please, working on it.

You keep on making me fall.

You're so pretty!

That's really sweet.

Uh-huh [laughing]

Don't fall though.

Yeah, don't fall.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow,

there are not enough wows to give this picture.

Love you Sof.

A bunch of kiss faces,

a bunch of heart faces,

and black hearts.


Sophia, you're precious,

you're more than one thousand diamonds to me.

Thank you for being so pure and kind.

You help me to reach all of my goals

and I can't thank you enough.

I love you so much.

Oh my gosh.

Hashtag inside and out,


Hashtag best crush song.

Your hair is just stunning,


And so are you and it just really suits you.

Cry face like this,


heart face, hearts.

Aww, they're adorable.

Look at our girl Sofia just slaying our whole existence.

You slayed their whole existence.

I slayed?

Janelle, I love your singing voice so much

and I would love for you to make an album.

I just think everyone would love it so much.

Why, thank you.

I agree.

Sasha, you are my inspiration and my model to follow.

You're cute and brave.

I love you.


That is such a good definition of you.

That's sweet.

Cute and brave.

In all caps.

You are the one and only with a heart face emoji.


Janelle Parish,

I love your positive outlook on life.

So inspiring.

Janelle once told me when we were having

a sixteen hour day on set,

and someone asked her if she was tired,

and she goes.

Any day on set is a good day.


And I always remembered that.

That's so nice that you remembered that.

'Cause it's so true.


Your hair looks gorgeous.

Oh, thank you.

That's very sweet.



We couldn't be prouder of you.


You are iconic, beautiful and my inspiration,

Oh my gosh.

I cannot wait to see you play the role of Ava

in The Perfectionists.

Sofia, you've changed my life and your talent is unending,

you're amazing, never give up.

That's a good one, yeah.

That's a really good one.

Sasha, you are such an inspiration to me.

I also struggle with PCOS and watching you every week

shows me that anything is possible.

Aw, wow that's really cool.


Janelle, you beautiful, passionate, kind-hearted woman.

Thank you for playing Mona and so many sides of her.

We love you so much.

Oh wow.

With a really cute purple and yellow heart.

Sasha is so mature

and has the best head on her shoulders.


She could be my little sis

but I wanna be just like her when I grow up.

That's so sweet.

Literally no truer words.

I can only hope that there are others like you out there.


You seem to have style and grace.

I miss the old Hollywood.


Aww, I love that.

Your talent blows me away every time.


Never has an actor made me cry as much as you do with Ali.


Absolutely incredible.



I hope you know that you are so important and admired.

You deserve all the happiness you radiate out there.


I love you.

Sofia I admire your talent, you kindness,

your intelligence and you are my favorite actress.

Oh my gosh.

You guys, this is so sweet.

So sweet, yeah.

This was fun.

[hands slapping]

Thank you guys so much.

Thanks for taking the time.

We are so lucky.

[together] We love you guys.

You sent us such sweet messages.

Thank you guys, muah!

[lips smacking]

[music outro]

Starring: Janel Parrish, Sofia Carson, Sasha Pieterse

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