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Robin Givens Reviews Riverdale Memes

Riverdale's Robin Givens reviews memes based on the hit TV show.

Released on 10/08/2018


You've been McCoyed.

I like that.

I'm gonna keep that.

I'm going to use that.

(upbeat music)

Hi, I am Robin Givens.

I used to play Mayor McCoy.

I had an affair, and that didn't work out so well.

So now I'm just Sierra McCoy on Riverdale.

And today we are going to be reviewing some Riverdale memes.

Things that happen in Riverdale.

Okay, so on the chart there are a lot of murders.

That is absolutely true.

What would we do without murders in our town?

Fred not having a clue what's going on.

I think Fred kinda knows what's going on.

I think he likes to play a little dumber.

He likes to stay out of the stuff,

but it gives our show some moral character.

Archie doing something stupid.

Aww, I mean, Archie's just Fred's son.

There's an innocence to him.

You just like love him.

He's like a giant puppy that comes and sits on your lap

with those big paws.

I love KJ so much.

Jughead and Betty helping the cops.

Yes, all the time.

She's a little investigator.


We don't have as much singing as we used to,

but singing's important.

Thank God they don't ask me to sing.

Actual school work.

Very little.

That's very correct.

Very little school work.

Aww, okay the pussycats are beautiful, aren't they?

I mean, my daughter, Ashley Josie, is a pussycat.

Her voice is like an angel.

So how can you not make that.

That's an Archie face, yes, very good.


Josie: Chuck is trying to be a better guy now.

Literally every person in Riverdale.

Hmm (laughs), I think this is pretty accurate.

I mean, first of all, we have Wendy Williams.

It is every person in Riverdale.

I think Wendy's face says it all.

Syrup related crimes.

2002-2016 nothing, and 2017 it jumped.

Well, first of all, how fabulous is Cole?

I mean, I'm kinda like stuck there.

He's like one of my favorites.

I think I'm with anything Cole says

'cause I think he's cool, and wonderful,

and smart, and hot, and I love him.

Here's a meme.

Me: I should do more homework.

My mind: watch Riverdale again

and find anything else to prove who killed Jason.

I think that's probably accurate for everybody.

Every girl that stops me in the airport feels this way.

So I think probably,

you do have to make time to do your homework,

but why not watch Riverdale

and see who killed Jason Blossom?

So this is a meme of Lily.

Me trying to figure out where Nana Rose was

when the Blossom's house burnt down.

Very serious about trying to figure out where she was,

but she's our little detective

so I think that probably is quite accurate.

What I think is funny about this meme

is that the kids that do absolutely no homework

even know any trigonometry whatsoever

to even think about trigonometry period.

Look at Lily's face.

That's hilarious.

You're a Blossom, Oprah.

You're a Blossom.

Everyone's a Blossom!

Cars for everyone from Oprah Winfrey

because everyone's a Blossom.

That's hilarious.

I'm not a Blossom.

You're probably a Blossom.

The parents if the parent's show was about the parents

when they were teenagers, oh, in Riverdale.

Sierra McCoy.

Oh, that's hilarious.

This is hysterical.

Oh my God, I think this picture,

like actually talking about this picture,

was that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air,

where I'm kind of like stalking Will Smith?

It seems like it was just such a short time ago.

Time goes fast.

We have a hot group of parents on Riverdale.

It's okay, Cheryl, calm down.


Cheryl: Jason used to breathe!

I like this meme because Cheryl is

always like intense about everything,

and Jason was her brother,

and I think it's a pretty accurate meme.


You've been McCoyed.

So, okay, this is probably too much information,

but when I can't sleep I watch Law and Order at night.

And it's hard for me not to think,

McCoy, McCoy.

McCoy, Sierra McCoy.

So I love this meme.

You've been McCoyed.

So I love these Riverdale memes.

I love that everybody's so into it.

And they're so on it.

Because Riverdale's the best town in the world.

Thanks Teen Vogue.

Keep the memes coming.

They're great.

Starring: Robin Givens