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The Cast of Pokémon Detective Pikachu Reviews Pokemon Memes

"Pokémon Detective Pikachu" co-stars Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton review memes based on the hit franchise and it's magical characters. Pokémon Detective Pikachu hits theaters everywhere on Friday, May 10, 2019.

Released on 05/07/2019


I would like to be the doge meme,

that's my favorite meme.

I also really like the Grumpy Cat meme!

That's a good meme.

Can you do a Grumpy Cat face?

You have to do it more, can you frown even more?

No, more, more, more [laughing] you can't!

[uptempo music]

Hey, I'm Kathrine Newton.

And I'm Justice Smith with our new film

Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

We're here with Teen Vogue to check

out some awesome Pokemon memes.

I love me some memes.

I'm so excited.

I love me memes. I love memes.

[uptempo music]

Not to be overdramatic, but I would literally die [laughs]

for Detective Pikachu. For Detective Pikachu.

I know, he's so cute!

Yeah, turns out the movie has been teased since 2008.

Hi, hi, I'm a Pokemon, whoa!

That's so cool!

It's funny, you know Lucas gave me this game.

Really, you played this one?

Yeah, like I found out I got this movie

on another project and he gave me this game

as a wrap gift, 'cause he's like

Ya better start brushing up on your Pokemon.

And yeah, this is the game I have.

I think that they teased it back then in 2008.

They let us all know.

It was gonna happen.

And we didn't listen.

Can you fix me face? [laughs]

I can transfer your mind into a new body. [laughs]

Worth it, hilarious!

That's really, really clever.

I love when people like drop Pikachu

in Deadpool costumes. It's pretty cute.

Or put Pikachu's head on Deadpool.

I love all that crossover stuff.

Keep it up, I wanna see more.

Pikachu versus Deadpool,

tail of the tape. Deadpool tail of the tape.

One four, irresistible, Height, weight.

Dreamy, that is so funny.

Canada, Deadpool lives in Canada?

I thought Ryan Reynolds lives in Canada.

Me, video game movies will never work,

Detective Dipachu [laughs] exactly how we feel.

Oh, now this this is epika.

Like epic, but epika, very funny.

Oh, you're so much smarter than I am.

No, no.

When the trailer dropped, I forgot I was in the movie

because I was just looking at the Pokemon

and all of the cool textures and stuff.

'Cause it was exactly how I wanted to see them realized

when I was a little kid.


With fur and scales When I [laughs].

and fire and water and ice When I [laughs]

and poison and dark Saw the trailer--

and normal and flying Are you done?

and fighting, I'm naming all the types.

Okay, when I saw the trailer for the first time,

I called Justice because I started crying

and I was like why am I crying?

That's right.

And he was like, what'd you say?

Do you remember?

Because it's magical, that's what I said.

Because it's magic, it was magical

and I was proud and it was true!


All five of my brain cells whenever

I see anything about hashtag Detective Pikachu. [laughs]

Yeah, kind of, basically.

That's me too.

Hashtag Detective Pikachu with a caffeine addiction

is a relatable hero I didn't know I needed.

[laughs] So it was actually something really

funny is I, Katherine also has a--

I don't have a caffeine problem--

Caffeine addiction.

But, I kind of started drinking espresso on set

in those little tiny cups, because the cups were cute

and that's what kind of got me into it.

So Rob Letterman, our director gave me

an espresso machine with like

a thousand pods and I just ran out.

Oh that's true.


He gave me a Nintendo Switch.


And I play Pokemon on it.

Leaked photo of live action Lilipup from Detective Pikachu.

[laughs] One hundred percent true.

I really think that my dogs are Pokemon,

or like could be, do you have a dog?

I don't have a dog.

But you have a Pokemon partner that's Pikachu, so.

Exactly, so I don't need one.

That kind of wins.

After seeing hashtag Detective Pikachu second trailer

again, shut up and take my badges, yes!

Wouldn't that be cool if you could go to the movie

like and whoever had like the best collection

of like Pokemon cards like got in the movie, you know?

Well then I would definitely get in

'cause I have all of the original generation cards.

You really know so much, you know,

he can tell you every 807 Pokemon.

I can tell you all 807 Pokemon in order.

Five year old me, let's fight,

older brother sure,

me, now obviously I've dealt with this putz before

so I'll just do it again.

[both laughing]

Get me out of here!

That was me and my older sister always.

That's my favorite part of the trailer I think,

when Pika's like I can't do this, I can't compete.

He goes in with so much bravado

and then he is proven wrong.


I can help you find your father, Tim.

You never offered to find--

[both laughing]

That's really funny.

That's really funny.

When I go see Detective Pikachu by myself.

[both laughing]

Okay, but I gotta call--

It's not just for kids!

It's not just for kids and I really, honestly

I think that most of the people in the audience

are gonna be in their thirties.

Like, oh man.

Because we all grew up with Pokemon,

you know, it's our childhood.

It's a thing.

You know it's nostalgia, it's gonna

be mostly old people.

I think they missed the opportunity

in Detective Pikachu to make Snorlax a mob boss.

I mean, look at him.


That's a really good idea.

Maybe the sequel, who knows if there is a sequel.

Who knows?

Snorlax'll be a mob boss.

Also, can you send me this pillow

'cause I really want this bean bag.

Is this a bean bag?

That's the closest you're going to get

to being in Rhyme City looks like.

How does Snorlax snore when it doesn't have a nose?

[gasps] True!

You know, okay, but also Pikachu shoots electricity

out of its body. It's magic.

And it forms in it's cheeks.

And you're gonna question how one of the Pokemon

can snore without a nose?

They're magic, you can't even question them,

it's just the way it is.

Um, yes.

Yes Mewtwo's in the trailer,

but everything looks amazing, but can we take a second

to appreciate this good boy doing

a service to society and directing traffic.

Yeah. Yes!

That is, wait, that is--

I thought you knew all 807 Pokemon.

Machomp, that's not Machomp, that's not Machoke,

that's Machamp, Ma-champ.

I couldn't tell ya.

Anyways, so when I was a kid,

that card was like the most exclusive card

everyone wanted that card and I got it

and it would shine when you would move it.

It would like sparkle.

[both laughing]

Training Day [laughing].

The gritty reboot has me excited!

Wait that's so good.

Like this can never be unseen.

I think they need to make this happen.

Yes, I agree.

I see it, I like it,

I want it, I got it. I got it.

I re-posted that, I see it, I like it,

'cause I loved it, I want it, I got it.

I mean I'm a fan.

[Justice singing]

♪ Pika, Pikachu is a ♪

♪ Pikachu is Pika ♪

That's a different song.

Is it?

That's Ariana Grande. What's this song?

What's this?

I want it, I got it, I want it, you don't know?

That's Ariana Grande.

Seven, but you're right, it is in that song.

[both laughing]

Yay, I win!

Nobody, me, Okay, but Detective Pikachu

is gonna be perfect! Is gonna be perfect!

I agree or the closest thing to it.

Well, I hope so, I hope you think it's perfect.

We certainly do.

Um, this was a lot of fun, thank you for

showing us these memes Teen Vogue and--

Go see our movie!

Go see Detective Pikachu in theaters May tenth.

May tenth, we hope you love it.

[gentle music]

Starring: Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton