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The ShibSibs Compete in a Compliment Battle

Alex and Maia Shibutani, affectionately known as the "ShibSibs," try their best to read complimentary tweets without bursting out laughing.

Released on 08/01/2018


Do you ever tweet anything nice about me?

Sometimes you do.

Sometimes I do.

You do, that's true. Yeah.

Hey guys, I'm Maia Shibutani.

And I'm her brother Alex Shibutani.

People know us as the Shib Sibs.

And today we are doing Teen Vogue's compliment battle.

Compliment battle. Are you ready?

(upbeat music)

Maia, got moves!

Oh, thank you.

I don't know if they're good but you got 'em.

Alex, we Stan a silky hair king!

You tried, you tried.

People really love your hair.

What can I say, #silkyhairking.

I don't think people use that hashtag.

Maia, can ask me to do her thesis and I would.

That's handy.

Do you have a thesis that needs to be written?

No, but when I do I have the person to go to.

Alex Shibutani appreciates the art of the Zamboni

which is why I Stan him.

I do appreciate fine Zamboni art,

or the art of the Zamboni.

Is Maia Shibutani a food Instagrammer

or a figure skater?

The world may never know!

Can I be both?

Alex Shibutani is probably Maia Shibutani's biggest fan.

True, true, true.

I want my future kids to have the

kind of sibling relationship that

Maia and Alex Shibutani have, heart eye,

heart eye, emotional.

They grew up so well and are clearly

each other's best friends ah it warms my heart.

Your emoji.

Alex Shibutani is the only man I trust.

You're pretty trustworthy.

I guess.

You've got my back but I don't know

about everyone else's.

It's a lot of responsibility.

You don't have a ton of time.

Confirmed, Maia Shibutani is the Queen of Dad jokes.

Dad jokes?

I feel like that's your thing.

Alex Shibutani is my new Dad.

Which is a little hard for me to say to you.

It was someone else saying that about me.

Dad is like a thing that people say now.

Mom and Dad, that's what people say.

I don't think I'm anyone, I'm not anyone's Dad.

Maia Shibutani could skate over my face

and I'd say thank you.

That's, I would never do that,

and wow, that's quite the compliment, I guess.

Yeah, she wouldn't do that.

I wouldn't do that.

That's not a real thing.

But she would say, thank you.

So selfless and he's an athlete

and a good brother.

Alex Shibutani is essentially the perfect guy.

That's a lot to live up to.

You are a good brother.

I really appreciate that.

Was that you?

That was definitely you.


That's not my tweet.

You know what the world should be thankful for?

Maia Shibutani's beautiful freckles.

People like my freckles.

I like my freckles.

I like your freckles.

I guess their kind of in right now.

But I've had them my entire life

so it works well for me.

She was early to the freckle party.

I'm done with you Alex Shibutani,

you're too perfect.

That, that was going one way and

then it went the other way, you crossed me over.

This is your regularly scheduled

Maia Shibutani is a goddess tweet.

Right on time.

Alex Shibutani, bless your soul.

Short and sweet.

Oh that's really nice.

Maia Shibutani is really out here reviving

me by being funny?

It's a lot of question marks.

I love her.

I truly do.

So are they questioning whether I'm funny?

Or are they saying I'm funny?

They're like, they can't believe

that your being funny.

If you zoom in really close,

you can see the flaws he doesn't have.

That's good.

That's good.

It kind of went woowoom, ahh.

That's good.

Maia Shibutani, queen of the beauty

community on YouTube, Stan someone

who can be an Olympic bronze medalist

and a beautuber.

I love how I had, maybe, two beauty

videos and I'm a beauty YouTuber, content creator.

The people want more beautubing.

Alex is serving the aesthetics.

Short and sweet again.

On like a, on a, platter.

I don't know.

But you serve it.

Aesthetics served.

Maia Shibutani's eyeliner always

looks so on point.

Damn girl get it.

Was that good?

That was a good delivery.

People are so nice, right?

I feel so complimented and loved and appreciated.

They love your hair, they love

your aesthetics, everything.

And I also realized that I need

to come up with some more entertaining

complimentary tweets of mine every once in a while.

I need to up my game.

But thank you everyone.

Thanks for watching.

Starring: Maia Shibutani, Alex Shibutani

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