Greta Thunberg
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Greta Thunberg Was Detained by Police at a Climate Protest in Germany

The young activist was part of a group demonstrating against a coal mine expansion.

This article was originally published by Glamour.

Twenty-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg was detained by police during a protest at a German coal mine, Reuters has reported. Thunberg, a Glamour 2019 Woman of the Year and perpetual right-wing bogeywoman, was with a group of activists protesting the Garzweiler coal mine expansion and destruction of the nearby village of Luetzerath.

picture alliance/Getty Images

Thunberg and other demonstrators were sitting near the edge of the mine, according to Reuters, and one activist allegedly jumped into the mine itself. “Greta Thunberg was part of a group of activists who rushed towards the ledge. However, she was then stopped and carried by us with this group out of the immediate danger area to establish their identity,” a police spokesperson told the outlet. 

Photos from the scene show multiple officers carrying Thunberg away from the mine, holding her by the arm, and escorting her away from the protest. She was one of several protesters who were carried away from the mine’s ledge by police.

Demonstrations have been ongoing at the mine and around the village for days, the Washington Post has reported, with thousands of people joining protests on Saturday, January 14. According to the Associated Press, police used water cannons and batons to push protestors from entering the village of Luetzerath, which has now been evacuated and sealed off, during the Saturday protests.

The police spokesperson told Reuters that it wasn’t clear what was going to happen to Greta Thunberg and the other protestors after they were detained. But it’s a safe bet that neither the protests nor Thunberg are done quite yet.