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We Need to Listen to the Last Living Generation of Holocaust Survivors

Here, five survivors and their grandchildren share how they're preserving history.

Forget Resolutions, This Year Is All About Manifesting

On TikTok, many used grapes to bring luck and fortune in 2023.

For the Holidays, Chosen Family Can Be Better Than the Real Thing

Read why these young people are spending the cheerful season with friends.

Florida Sheriff Said New School Discipline Police Will Be Some Students "Worst Nightmare"

"They know nothing's gonna happen... like in the old days they're not gonna have the cheeks of their ass torn off."

How I Stopped Getting FOMO From Social Media

Watching from the digital sidelines is often more painful than not being invited in the first place.

Respecting Pronouns Is Now Part of This 100-Year-Old Etiquette Handbook

Emily Post's classic guide has been revamped for a modern audience.

Meet These 11 Indigenous Youth Making a Difference in their Communities

These are the scientists, artists, storytellers, and more that you need to know.

“Not Forgotten:” Cherelle Griner Asks for Letters to Wife Brittney Griner 

In a recent speech, the wife of incarcerated WNBA star Brittney Griner opened up about life without her “favorite person.” 

Achieving Reproductive Justice Is Also a Fight for Citizenship

Those most impacted by bans aren't just fighting for abortion, we're fighting for equal rights.

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

These three apps tell you who unfollowed you on Instagram, who doesn’t follow you back, and more.

A School “Paused” Its Student Newspaper After an LGBTQ Pride Issue

It's one of multiple examples of schools seemingly censoring student publications.