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Where Did All The Tween Fashion Go?

“A lot of teens are buying clothes that they’re not necessarily interested in, but it’s what the people around them like.”

What Role Should Influencers Actually Have in Politics?

Politicians’ efforts to work with influencers often come off as try-hard and out of touch.

Charli D'Amelio Shares Stance on "Pretty Privilege" Via Baby Tee

Are self-aware graphic t-shirts a new trend?

TikTok Helped Me Normalize Pay Transparency. Congress Wants To Ban It.

“How much do you make?” has always been a taboo question.

What Is Slugging? The Dermatologist-Approved TikTok Beauty Trend

Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok Tracked Users Who Watched LGBTQ+ Videos, New Report Finds

Former employees raised concerns about how the data might be used.

The TikTok Ban Drama Is Mostly Hot Air

Could your favorite sh*tposters and “get ready with me” accounts get banned over geopolitics?

Sydney Sweeney Just Joined TikTok’s Coastal Cowgirl Trend

With items from her very own line.

Unruly Bangs Have Met Their Match With This Viral TikTok Hack

Here’s all you need to know.

Monet McMichael & Jalen Noble Finally Hard Launched On TikTok

They confirmed their relationship after MONTHS of fan theories.
It's a Thing

Why Does Gen Z Love Hauling Stuff?

The cluttercore boom has taken over TikTok.

Drew Afualo Dreams of Going Through Taylor Swift’s Comments Section

Drew's popular podcast will become a Spotify-exclusive come April 5.

The Most Viral TikTok Beauty Products of 2023 That Are Actually Worth Buying

We'll take one of each. 

North West and Ice Spice Teamed Up for the Funniest TikToks

The perks of being a Hollywood kid. 

Lizzo Pays Homage To A Selena Gomez Interview While Showing Off New Hair

Does this mean Lizzo is Team Selena?

How Students Are Reacting to TikTok Bans at Major Universities

“Everyone’s frustrated,” a University of Texas student says.